Lipstick Queen Illustrations


Over the years I have been fortunate to work closely with Lipstick Queen, a cruelty-free lipstick brand, developed by Poppy King, an Australian entrepreneur devoted to all things pouty. With the success and growth of this popular lipstick line, here are a select sample of projects I've illustrated for various campaigns.  


Mothers Day Email

Email graphic for their Mother's Day Special Collection campaign. 

Display Graphic

Designed and illustrated graphics for Urban Outfitters product display case. 

Card Illustration

Drew fun coffee illustration for brand marketing takeaway. 

Website Banners

Created illustrations of all their products for web and promo banners on Lipstick 

Lipstick Personality Chart

Created illustrated personality chart for Sinner product promotion.

Glorifier Artwork

Designed and illustrated artwork for glorifier displays. 

Textile Illustration

Illustrated tile pattern of Lipstick Queen products for cosmetics bag.

T-Shirt Designs

Created illustration and layout for Hello Sailor and Saint & Sinner products.

Day One & Story Front

Cover illustrations for Amazon's Day One and Story Front journals. 

Food Illustrations

Watercolor paintings from The Starving Artist Cookbook

The Art of the Camera


A fun mixed-media compendium, on the basics of photography. Painted in watercolor and assembled in Photoshop and Illustrator. 


Pen Portraits


An assortment of portraits and sketches created using a BIC ballpoint pen on hot pressed illustration board. It's one of my favorite mediums.


Anatomy Sketches